Bioremediation is the process of injecting microbes into the contaminant plume and allow them time to break down the impacts as part of their natural process.

1/2 the Cost of Excavating

The process consists of a small fleet of drill rigs fitted with augers and application sprayers.

With a large reduction in equipment and labor needed to treat a site, compared to excavating, the savings are able to be passed on to the Client.

Doesn't Disrupt Operations

Microbes are injected via small boreholes into the soil and multiple depths across the impact plume.

The soil is left in place to provide the microbes an ecosystem to breakdown the plume.

This allows operations (and revenue) at the property to continue while the soil is being treated.

Environmentally Friendly

The specially selected microbes are used and effective because their natural breakdown process converts harmful contaminants into carbon dioxide and water.

The microbes treat the impacts as food in order to replicate and continue treating the soil.

No need to send your impacted soil to the landfill. Treat it in place!

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